Reduction of CO2 emissions

Thanks to solar energy you reduce the CO2 emissions by up to one ton. This means you take care of our planet and the environment.

Lower bills

You start saving on your electricity bills from the first moment of producing energy with your photovoltaic installation. The payments are reduced by 50%-80%.

Fast return on investment

We ensure your investment pays off as soon as possible and you enjoy the savings. We offer a 25-year warranty to guarantee your confidence in us.


Become your own energy producer and control your consumption, so you can ensure that the ever-increasing electricity prices have no impact on your budget anymore!


Clean energy from the Sun for us and the next generations

Our installations are designed not only for their maximum efficiency but also to look elegant on your building of choice.

Each of our offers is tailored to comprehensively fulfill the needs of our customers. 

We are there with you at every step. We help with the preparation of documents to receive the subsidies, we assemble your solar panels (in about 10 days), we provide the compex services and after-sales care.


year warranty

up to 90 %

lower bills

100 %

energy independence


Choose clean energy and help the environment

For homeowners

You don’t pay any bills for the Sun! It remains a clean, renewable source of energy with a lot of advantages.

For business owners

Produce your own electricity. Gain your independence by reducing the operating costs of your company at the same time.

For farmers

Farmers get more! The cost of a photovoltaic system is tax-deductible.


Why is our team worth being chosen?


Simple way to comfort and savings

Let’s meet each other

Let’s meet each other

Our energy advisor comes to you to find out about your needs and choose the right solution for you.
Solar panels installation

Solar panels installation

We install our high-quality photovoltaic systems within around 10 days.
Registration of your solar panels system

Registration of your solar panels system

We check everything carefully so that you can use your installation for years.
Comfort and savings

Comfort and savings

You enjoy the independence and lower bills while we maintain your photovoltaic system.

Save on your energy bills

Contact us and you will see how easy it is to obtain green energy!


News and tips

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