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Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions.

LRP Energy offers comprehensive customer service from planning and designing, through assembling, to after-sales care. How does it work? First, LRP Energy specialists will make sure that the installation meets your needs. Then, we will plan the project and all the necessary work. After the assembly is completed we will also take care of you. We will verify your invoice and check if the installation works as planned.

We have created an offer available to everyone living in Spain. Our consultants and installers operate in every region of the country. Our company is developing dynamically, so soon it will be possible to use our services in other European countries.

Send us an e-mail to: Leave your phone number and we will contact you to present an offer and arrange an individual meeting.

MWT is an innovative technology in photovoltaics that replaces the silver bands on the surface of the solar panels with a conductive back layer with collector electrodes.

The panels using MWT technology are characterized by high performance, higher efficiency, low module degradation and no lead content.

The hybrid inverter can work simultaneously with the public grid and create an on-grid installation working with energy storage. The technologies used in Solis hybrid inverters are among the newest solutions on the market, the main function of which is to ensure safety as well as protection in case of power outages.

Without battery storage – when the production of energy from solar panels exceeds the current consumption, the surplus is stored in the power grid from where you can collect it in the discount system. As a prosumer, you get a discount:

  • 8 kWh for each 1 kWh of energy produced (in the case of installations up to 10 kW),
  • 7 kWh for each 1 kWh of energy produced (in the case of installations from 10 to 50 kW).

With battery storage – if the production of energy from solar panels exceeds the current consumption, the surplus is stored in the battery, from which you can collect it later. If the battery is fully charged, the surplus energy will go to the grid, 80% of which will be returned to you.

Photovoltaic cells are silicon wafers that convert sun rays into electricity. Silicon is a small, high-power element that collects and processes solar radiation from the entire surface of the panels.

The annual energy yield is 1000 kWh from 1 kWp, but a lot depends on the location and the amount of sunlight reaching the panels.

Excess energy produced by you goes to the grid. Thanks to the current rules of energy billing, if necessary, you can take 80% of your electricity for free. Thanks to the two-way meter you know how much you are saving.

However, if you want to increase the profitability of your investment even more,  battery storage is the best option. You will store the surplus produced during the day, which you can use in the evening or at night when production stops.

The energy returns to the grid – your natural battery. If necessary, you can take up to 80% of your electricity for free. With a two-way meter, you know how much you save. With a residential solar installation you support environmental protection by reducing the share of energy from coal mines.

The installation from LRP Energy is 100% safe, environmentally friendly, functional and fits into the smart home model. 

The manufacturer expects the solar panels to last 30 years, but there are solar installations in Europe that operate much longer. In addition, we can give you an additional Total Warranty on all components of the solar panels together with the assembly.

Electricity production is one of the main factors influencing the environment. By choosing solar energy and LRP Energy, you care about the environment and the future of your loved ones. In 25 years of using solar panels, you will “plant” several thousand trees, save 5 pools of water and protect the world from 180 tons of toxic CO2.

A photovoltaic installation and solar energy reduce electricity bills almost to zero. You will have fixed charges for distribution and use of the grid on your bill.