We provide services allowing energy independence, focusing on ecological solutions.

LRP Energy is a company whose aim is to provide comprehensive customer service in the field of the construction and sale of solar installations for residential, commercial and agricultural properties. 

We are a dynamically growing company with high share capital. Our team has many years of experience in the industry. The use of modern technologies and advanced equipment makes us reliable installers.


Why is our team worth choosing?

Experienced specialists

Our team of specialists offer only the proven solar system solutions, experience and expert knowledge.

Complex service

We offer the highest standard of customer service, starting from the selection of solar installation through the assembly to service and after-sales care.

The solution tailored to you

Our team includes advisors, engineers, installers and administrative staff who will provide the best possible service for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us! .

Professional approach

Everyone has different needs. That’s why we approach every client individually, presenting professional green energy solutions.

Reducing CO2 emissions

Start protecting the environment even today! With the help of our expert knowledge you can reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

Lower bills

Save on electricity bills and enjoy obtaining free energy from the Sun with the help of our services.

Save on your energy bills

Contact us and see how easy it is to obtain green energy for yourself!



Simple way to comfort and savings

Let’s meet each other

Let’s meet each other

Our energy advisor comes to you to find out about your needs and choose the right solution for you.
Solar panels installation

Solar panels installation

We install our high-quality photovoltaic systems within around 10 days.
Registration of your solar panels system

Registration of your solar panels system

We check everything carefully so that you can use your installation for years.
Comfort and savings

Comfort and savings

You enjoy the independence and lower bills while we maintain your photovoltaic system.


Choose clean energy and help the environment

For homeowners

You don’t pay any bills for the Sun! It remains a clean, renewable source of energy with a lot of advantages.

For business owners

Produce your own electricity. Gain your independence by reducing the operating costs of your company at the same time.

For farmers

Farmers get more! The cost of a photovoltaic system is tax-deductible.