Sun does not bill you

Electricity is essential for your living comfort – you need it to power your refrigerator, washing machine, TV and other electrical appliances. Electricity can  also be used to heat water and for household heating. You can get electricity traditionally from the power grid and pay high bills to your energy supplier or you can invest in a solar installation which will provide you with free energy straight from the sun. It is a clean and renewable energy source with many benefits.


Silicon solar panels

Thanks to them, a physical reaction which transforms the sun rays into pure solar energy takes place.

Power inverter

The ‘brain’ of your installation - it converts direct current into alternating current and enables installing an energy storage in the power plant.

AC/DC protections

They protect against atmospheric over-voltages and protect the building against short circuits both from the installation and electricity grid.


What do you gain?

LRP Energy will take care of your bills

We provide annual maintenance over your installation. You do not have to worry about anything.

Consultation with a specialist

Do you want to know more? Arrange a meeting with our energy advisor and find out about the best solution for you.

25-year total warranty

We offer a 25-year warranty on all photovoltaic components and assembly. You can sleep peacefully!

Arrange a free consultation

Meet with an energy advisor and find out how to lower your bills